European countries geography quiz election

Would you like your scores to be saved so that you can track your progress? Get a Seterra membership on Patreon. There is also a Youtube video you can use for memorization! Seterra is an entertaining and educational geography game that lets you explore the world and learn about its countries, capitals, flags, oceans, lakes and more! You can access the Seterra online quiz site using your computer, phone, or tablet running the latest version of most web browsers, including Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer.

The Seterra app offers two game modes, plus high score lists to keep track of your progress. Also, with the app, you can play offline! The EU map quiz has been updated. Read about the Ukrainian capital name issue. You can learn the countries of Europe with mnemonics, and YouTube! Greek parliament ratifies name change to North Macedonia. Download printable Europe maps. Find out what countries are known by more than one name. Learn more about the political status of Greenland.

Try our fun, colorful new cartoon quiz on the countries of Europe!

european countries geography quiz election

What countries are considered part of Europe? Learn about the six tiniest states of Europe. Learn about the Netherlands and other countries with two capitals. Log in Log out. All The U. Print Options. Europe: Countries - Map Quiz Game.While Africa isn't far from several European points, Asia is right next door. There is no official border between continents, and thus there's no definite answer.

But somewhere in Russia, in general. Iceland is part of Europe, while North America claims Greenland. Glacial valleys produce fjords, where steep cliffs surround a long sea inlet. Alas, a more descriptive range might be nice. Little Monaco gets a little lift from the range. At nearly 2, miles long, the Volga is also Europe's biggest river in terms of watershed and discharge.

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At almost 12 million people, Moscow is the most populous city on the continent. Luxembourg shares borders with Belgium, France and Germany. Andorra is a tiny country in the Pyrenees mountains between France and Spain. Mountainous on one side, Montenegro enjoys a coastal climate to the south. Norway extends northwest over Sweden and Finland. Hungary shares a border with seven different countries.

Flowing from Paris, the Seine empties into the English Channel.

Europe: countries quiz

No, it's not some nonsense gibberish — it's an estuary or firth from Scotland's River Forth. Vatican City isn't the only Italian outlier — San Marino was founded in and remains a sovereign republic. At the foot of the Vitosha mountain, Sofia is quite picturesque. Gibraltar is at the southern end of Spain.

european countries geography quiz election

But just to make it confusing, Gibraltar is actually a British Overseas Territory. Riga is Latvia's capital, conveniently located on the Gulf of Riga. The Gulf of Bothnia is part of the Baltic Sea. Not particularly clever but gets the job done. It's the capital and the largest city in Ukraine. While we associate Austria with its German or Swiss neighbors, Slovakia's Bratislava is not an hour by car. Greece has a lot of coast, but none of it is on the Black Sea, located to the west of the nation.

Russia's Lake Ladoga is outside St. Kosovo is surrounded by Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro and Serbia. Bern is the Swiss capital, but Zurich is the largest city in the nation.

european countries geography quiz election

How much do you know about dinosaurs? What is an octane rating? And how do you use a proper noun?This guy was well educated guy with a PHD in mathemathics, so i was not expecting that. Remember that about half the people of every country are below average in any given subject, which means that about half are above average in that subject. Unlike us poor "below average" Americans who "don't know geography".

We have all of Canada and Mexico. Instead of being snotty about how much geography you "know" maybe you should just shut it and be grateful you are from a place where travel is easy and relativity inexpensive. They don't. Just like the average American doesn't know which amorphous blob Hungary is. These things are roughly analogous. I can't imagine being in the United States and being in any city of comparable size and an American not knowing where I was.

I also get asked probably x a week where I drove here from. So far over the course of 2 years of receiving this question I've had exactly 2 Europeans know that Bahrain is a country and where it is. Americans included. The average person just does not care. But Americans are no worse at geography than anyone else. In my experience they're even slightly better. We'll all suffer confirmation bias. Even were I not sceptical of kalbahamut's 'thousands' of examples, which I am, the plural of 'anecdote' is still not 'data'.

One statistic I find interesting is the percentage of USA'ers not a great term, but I'm no longer happy lumping them in with all other 'Americans' who have passports. But let's not be too quick to judge. Think of the astonishing range of adventure, culture and geography available to any citizen of the USA WITHOUT requiring a passport, and how far you can travel on an intra-national roadtrip.

I suspect that many of those criticizing the septics for their ignorance never do anything so adventurous. It's very easy right now to be critical of Americans.

Trivial, in fact.

european countries geography quiz election

Just make sure you don't end up being what you claim to despise. Even us low average idiots can spelling "girl" propurly. Maybe even "I" and some gramir fixings.Random Quiz. Can you name the countries of Europe? Plays Quiz Updated Aug 19, Quiz Rating Details. Rate 5 stars Rate 4 stars Rate 3 stars Rate 2 stars Rate 1 star.

Countries of Europe Quiz

How to Play. Also try: Capitals of Europe. Play Quiz. You got. Remove Ads. Get the best of Sporcle when you Go Orange. This ad-free experience offers more features, more stats, and more fun while also helping to support Sporcle. Thank you for becoming a member.

You're not logged in! Compare scores with friends on all Sporcle quizzes. Log In. Remember Me. Watch Sporcle's founder, Matt, name all the countries of Europe, mostly by following bordering countries. You Might Also Like European Countries with a 'K'. Let's Draw the European Borders. European Countries by Landmark. Spain Population Circles. Score Distribution. Your Account Isn't Verified!

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In order to create a playlist on Sporcle, you need to verify the email address you used during registration. Go to your Sporcle Settings to finish the process. Report this User Report this user for behavior that violates our Community Guidelines. Send Report.How many European countries can you name on the map? Take our Europe geography quiz to challenge yourself and find out!

Guess all 45 countries in 4 minutes with 2 hints per country. This game is best played on devices with screens larger than px and a physical keyboard.

XQC Takes a Europe Map Quiz

Type in the name of country highlighted in red on the map. If you guessed correctly, the highlighted country will turn blue. Guess as many countries as possible in the shortest amount of time! If you are stuck, click on "Get a hint" to get clues that might help you guess the country, such as the name of the capital city, the first letter, or the ISO3 country code.

We created this geography quiz to make learning the names and geographic locations of countries more fun. Can you point out Malta on the map? How about Demmark, Italy, or Andorra? This quiz will help you learn the locations and shapes of European countries in a fun and playful way. If you get stuck, the hints hide some extra information, such as the capital city, the first letter of the country name, and its ISO3 code.

If you're just starting out, choose the learning level to get 3 hints per country and 10 minutes to guess all the names. Don't worry if you can't guess all of them the first time around. The summary table will show you which European sub-regions you know better, and which ones you still need to work on. Just skip the countries you don't know, and guess as many as you can. The default mode will show you a maxium of 2 hints per country, and give you 5 minutes to complete the quiz. This is a nice challenge if you have already tried similar quizzes and know a lot of European country names.

Are you feeling confident? Challenge yourself and choose the most difficult level to test your knowledge of European countries with one hint per country, and only 2 minutes to guess them all! How to play Type in the name of country highlighted in red on the map. To guess press the "Guess" button or simply hit Return. About this quiz We created this geography quiz to make learning the names and geographic locations of countries more fun.So when I saw there was a Bet365 sports app on the App Store, I thought to myself why not.

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